Michael Roderick: How to Create a Referable Brand


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In this episode with Michael Roderick, we learn how to get people talking about you and your ideas - in a good and positive way! - when you're not in the room through these five points:

  • The three main factors to creating a referable brand. (Accessibility, Influence, and Memory)
  • Why true influence is not about persuasion and what you want to focus on instead to be influential.
  • Making your audience S.U.R.E. about sharing your ideas ( shortcuts, utility, reputation, and expedience).
  • How to get people to remember you more by focusing on L.E.S.S. (Language, Emotion, Simplicity, and Structure)
  • The 3 Referability Partners you need to grow your business ( Translators, Angels, and Producers) and how they feed each other.
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