024. Wisdom in Telling Your Story Well with Instagram & Writing Coach Christina Lynn


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This episode is raw, deep, and so very vulnerable. We talk about hard stuff and you don't want to miss this one! Instagram and writing coach Christina Lynn (and my dear friend!) unpacks the power found within sharing even the vulnerable and intimate parts of our stories and how to do it safely. She outlines practical ways to build community online and personal boundaries that you need both online and in person. She also shares her own deeply personal and tragic story and how God has blessed her, grown her, and used her through it. Seriously, this episode is GOLD!

NOTE: It is marked "Explicit" simply because I say "shit" once at the end and we say "plant sex" a few times. Because plant sex is hilarious. So if you have little you don't want to hear those words just save this episode for a little later.

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