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Andra Evans is the founder and artistic director of Soul Expressions, a soul-based coaching service that helps women navigate the soul-awakening journey that comes as you approach or enter midlife. As co-author of best-selling anthology Embracing Your Authentic Self, Andra’s storytelling ability hold keys of power for spirit-led women who want to live rich, purposeful, healthy and successful lives. With such signature programs as Healing with Beauty and Sabbatical For Your Soul, Andra guides women through soul-expanding experiences designed to help them live more authentic lives - personally and professionally. She knows how the midlife initiation that happens around 40 years of age can feel unsettling – so Andra invites women on miracle-rich journeys of self-discovery and empowerment that help reduce stress, heal the past, build confidence, and activate a renewed sense of purpose. Andra herself took her own journey from being a successful change management professional, to growing herself as an expert guide for women who need Change Management for the Soul, where the midlife initiation births your true "Soul Expression" in life!

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