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The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide empowers women over 40 in taking charge of their lives. If you're ready to ask for what you want and reinvent your life, whether it's through career change, discovering new ways to manage money, or achieving peak physical, emotional or mental wellness through better health and fitness, TGAWG has your back. This stage of life (dare I say midlife?) comes with its own unique challenges. But it also is a huge opportunity to shift your mindset, discover what's next and take action. I'm your host, Jackie MacDougall, CEO of Grown-Ass Creative, and a woman over 50. My mission is to have conversations that help us all create more connected relationships with our partners, family and friends, learn how to feel better in our bodies, build more confidence and become an even better version of ourselves -- because we are more than worth it. Let's do it together.

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