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Several times a week, I get weight loss pitches for the podcast. Diets, detoxes, and the ‘next best thing’ is promised to us at every turn.

Spoiler alert: I decline every time.

When do I say yes? When someone wants to collaborate in helping us all in feel strong, aligned, and unstoppable; not convince us we’re less than until we follow their methods.

I say yes to someone like Courtney Townley. Courtney is one of those people I would say yes to without knowing the question. Sure, she has 20 years experience and that’s fantastic. But what I love is that she’s unlike anyone out there. She is committed to teaching, supporting and holding us accountable for our actions so we can be the most badass, grown-ass version of ourselves.

If you could use a bit of inspiration to realign your actions with what you say it is you want for your health at the start of 2022...

If you are ready to become more self-directed in the health arena...

If you are ready for a mindset reset, so you can rock whatever it is you want for your health in 2022...

Courtney’s hosting a FREE 5-Day Challenge. But before she does that, she joined me LIVE in our free community for a conversation that will blow your mind — and change your mindset.

Are you ready to live your Healthiest Year Yet? I know I am!

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