Why An Omnichannel Sales Strategy is the Key to Success in 2020 w/ Amir Reiter


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Amir Reiter is the cofounder and CEO of Cloudtask, a managed workforce provider that helps businesses increase their sales and retention with outsourcing. Cloudtask is growing rapidly and is currently doing over $5 million per year in sales..

During our call we discuss:

- Amir shares a B2B case study about a client that achieved an 11X ROI using Cloudtask.

- He shares the one business super power he wishes he had.

- We talk about how Cloudtask was boot strapped but is planning to do a capital raise sometime in 2020.

- Amir shares exactly how Cloudtask uses an omnichannel approach for sales.

- 3 ways to use omnichannel to grow and sales and retain customers.

- We talk about 2 key steps when launching your omnichannel sales initiative.

- The importance of having a sales-enablement playbook

- Amir shares the #1 channel that his company is using to get new clients.

- Amir shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- He recommends one of his favorite books for the audience.

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