110. How to Make Your Virtual Meetings More Productive and More Engaging


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Today's Growth Marketers Podcast is all about marketing's future and how to prepare for it. Our special guest is Sam Kolbert-Hyle, President and CEO of Brandlive - a company that creates high-impact meetings and events that are dazzling, entertaining, and persuasive.

People now expect high quality and high production value from the content they consume, just like they would from their favorite TV show.
This shift has caused many B2B companies to rethink the way they do business. For some, that means injecting a little more soul into their content.

Brandlive is one example of a company helping other businesses do just that. They enable organizations to create high-impact meetings and events that are both dazzling and persuasive.

In this episode, Sam shares his own marketing strategy at Brandlive and what worked well for their company. He talks about how to create high-quality video content, how to engage audiences online, and why authenticity is so important in today’s market.

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