Episode 38: Blood Magic on Speakerphone


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Welcome back travelers and adventurers.
In this episode the party goes to investigate Lefdish's home, an orphanage. There is an incident with a mirror and the wraith which haunts Ahsoka. Danny Devitos are being used as a makeshift political army and Kiiron Gets Angry... Like Mad Crazy Angry, Bubbles concern over Jim Jar's New addiction grows as quickly as his teeth fall out and the party does a good job actually completing a quest.
The Cast
Michael Sharpe - DM, Spiderdaddy and editor
Lay -Ahsoka (Felis Rogue)
Ataria Gibbons - Bubbles the former Tabaxi (Half Elf Ranger)
Karl Ushaw - Kiiron (Minotaur Barbarian)
Richard Thomas - Silver (Warforged Artificer)
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Jarred Walmsley
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Outro music: Thatched Villagers
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