Show Us the Father


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There is a story about God in the world that is so common that many of us don’t realize just how profoundly untrue it is. It asks a lot of questions like, “Where is God? Is he there? Where was he when that happened? Is he involved? Does he care?” In relationship to God, it tends to play the victim, making life more about putting God on trial with our hearts as the judge. It is a sneaky story, even creeping into the church, causing doubt and unbelief to be treated with dignity and even viewing faith as an act of heroism. Ultimately this worldview is built on sand and rooted in lies. The main question it asks is, “What will I get out of life?”

The Bible, on the other hand, takes for granted that God is present, involved, close, full of love, faithful, completely good, trustworthy, very very talkative, easy to love, and easy to trust. It completely assumes that everyone can know God, even without a Bible, a missionary, or a church. And the questions the Bible asks are different. They are questions like, “Is humanity real? Are we present? Are we listening? Are we willing to really live while we’re alive?” Faith, in the biblical parlance, is not doing God a favor, as though he’s set this life up to be so incredibly broken, but “Bless that little saint’s heart, look at him, he’s still over there praying, poor thing.” No! Faith is the only reasonable response to a God of beauty, goodness, and love like the One this universe has. The main question the Biblical perspective is asking isn’t “What will I get out of life, but rather, “What will life get out of me?”*

Enter Jesus. Jesus comes onto the scene and reveals exactly what God is like. He reveals a God who looks nothing like the lies we have believed. And he reveals a God who didn’t make us for a secular/sacred split, but for a life of embodied communion with a God who is indwells our very beings so that we know, and are fully known by love.

Homework: “God, you are easy to love, and easy to trust. Do I truly believe that? If not, why not? Let’s talk about that…”

*thanks to Jason Upton for the kernel of this insight

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