Guns, Dice, Butter XXVII JUN 2 2020


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Guns, Dice, Butter continues it return after a four year break in the conversation.

0:04 Gareth and Curtis: The Napoleonic Wars: Gareth point of gaming origin, The fantastic WBC Nappy Wars tourney

0:17 Data, a dog and opening moves

0:33 Gaming personalities and player countries, the dick move and the attack of the Rohan

0:47 Gaming the system, Nappy Wars vs Empires in Arms

1:05 We lost Curtis. Gareth wraps it up with a thoughts on Nappy Wars v3

1:21 Jeff Lester point of gaming origin, Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905

1:40 Wargame design

1:52 Jeff’s game, The Manchurian War, Der Weltkrieg, WWI East front, other games on the Russo – Japanese conflict

2:02 Swampcon crew (JR, Young Chris and Roberto) resume the panel discussion of “Which wargames published 2016 > 2020 should we be playing?”…we resume with the American Civil War

2:22 We continue with the Imperial Age

2:40 We conclude with WWI

2:53 Wrap up: shoutouts, gaming thoughts, June 6, 1944, anger, the republic, positivity, Harry Caray, the CLASH!

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