092: Sarah Froning Nodarse | Human First, Agenda Second


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Truth You Can Act On:
  1. In order to make the best decisions on the HOW and WHAT you will do to move the needle on employee engagement, create a vivid vision of WHO you want to be.
    • [00:15:32] Take the time and invest the resources to work on who you want to be. What's your mission, what's your purpose? What's your vision? And not only develop the strategies for how you're going to achieve that vision–the what you're going to do– but also the how you're going to do it. [00:15:48]
  2. Make feedback a simple habit versus a check the box. Find opportunities to give the feedback right away and tie in how you felt and why it’s important.
    • [00:11:05] if you get into the habit of doing this and especially if leaders can get into the habit of accepting feedback from others, that becomes safer for people to sort of do it on a more regular basis. [00:11:15]
  3. Slow down. Human-first means building relationships and slowing down to truly connect. Be self-aware of what you know you can do better and be intentional to do it.
    • [00:08:03] You start off by making this human connection because once you do that, everything else will flow easier. So you slowed down a little but you sped up. [00:08:12]
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