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Shane Carter is the Chief Nursing Officer at Advocate Aurora Health, the 10th largest not-for-profit integrated health system in the United States.

Listen in as he and Nikki reveal the ways building relationships will impact your culture.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Know your individual employees beyond their job title and responsibilities: What are they excited about in life right now? What hobbies are they into?

[00:12:47] I asked those questions, not because I feel obligated to, I ask those questions because I honestly care.[00:12:52]

2. Make live personal connections as often as possible.

[00:19:33] What I try to practice as much as I preach is really get out and make that connection. Have those conversations. My team knows, do not send me an email that goes past two sentences. I just won't read it. Um, and maybe that's a negative thing, but they know that you're better served by coming and finding me walking through the concern, the situation following up that way.[00:19:55]

3. Don’t assume how people are doing, rather, ASK then just listen

[00:28:02] One thing that I will never do again is just assume that leaders are in a good spot. You need to check up on them and you need to get in their environment and really talk to them. [00:28:13]

4. Lead by example to help others see the value of relationship building.

[00:16:24] I always put a picture of either my family or one of my hobbies up there, let them know that I live in Amarillo, a small town just West of here, and really try to connect with them. [00:16:33]

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