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Woop woop, thank fuck it’s 2021 Fuckers! This week on Guys We Fucked, CORINNE FISHER (@PhilanthropyGal) and KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON (@KrystynaHutch), read about the history of doing drugs while you fuck, give advice to a Fucker who is kind of offended her boyfriend wants a prenup, Krystyna tries to bend a spoon with her mind, and Corinne reflects on the function of guilt. Then the dynamic duo chats with medium, psychical empath, trauma healer, and all around fucking amazing lady, ALEX MARCH (@alxmrchenergy)! Alex dives right into how she knew from an early age she was a medium, what it’s like being an empath who psychically feels others’ pain, her childhood trauma, work with her inner child, mommy issues, and how reiki saved her life. She also gets real about what it was like dating a narcissistic sociopath, red flags, trauma bonds, and, oh shit, her love of the Spice Girls! We’re making new friends in 2021 and learning so much about ourselves already. Come along for the ride, Fuckers!

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