246: Kathy Johnson Clarke Regionals Preview


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Kathy Johnson Clarke, American Cup champion, World medalist, 1984 Olympic team silver medalist and Olympic bronze medalist on beam... and one of our favorite television commentators who practically raised with the foundational video, Gymnastics' Greatest Stars, is here to preview Regionals with us! We discuss:

  • Her love for the Soviets and kindness in commentating
  • Spencer and Kathy preview every regional!
  • The judging situation in NCAA gymnastics
  • Kathy Johnson-ing
  • Morgan Lane; Erin Macadam; Lauren Rice (beam with robot, floor performance); Diana Mejia on bars; Taylor Houchin; Haylee Young of Iowa State (floor), Maddie Karr (VT); MJ Rott; Mary Jane Horth, senior with THOSE BARS; Stacie Webb, BB; Autumn Jorgensen, BB, JO national champ; George Washington's Drouin-Allaire and Winstanley; Kirah Koshinski, WVU - underappreciated 1.5 and DLO; Rachel Stypinski, Kent State - all the 9.9s.
  • Age and training hours
  • What makes for good gymnastics television
  • 1978 World Championships and the famous floor routine that broke through the Soviet stronghold... and medaled in floor finals with Elena Mukhina and Nelli Kim.
  • Why she has been so fearlessly outspoken on abuse and safeguarding in gymnastics and youth sports.

Congressional hearings on Senate Bill 534 - watch it here

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USA Gymnastics Blasted for Skipping Senate Hearing on Sex Abuse "I'm deeply disappointed they've sent a statement but no witness to question," Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said, "If they really cared, they would be here," he added. "They have to answer for what happened here." USOC apologizes to sex abuse victims, says Olympic sports culture needs change. Olympic Gymnasts Recount Their Experiences of Sexual Abuse at a Senate Judiciary Committee

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