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"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.” ~Solomon Ibn Gabirol Today's in-between-seasons Mind Bullet Monday delves into the idea of going deep and what it means for true wisdom and how it can help your own personal goal achievement journey.

We've discussed wisdom in the past, and we know that mastery and learning come via repetition. In this vein, re-listening to a Brian Tracy podcast on relationships sparked a new gem of understanding. around the concept of "going deep."

In the quote above, Solomon Ibn Gabriel's fifth step in the acquisition of wisdom — teaching others — means that you've learned something so thoroughly and completely that you can convey its nuances others. You have gone deep on the subject.

We all have some kind of remarkable and specific knowledge already — we've gone deep in those areas. But it's critical to stretch yourself and go deep in new areas, getting to know new subject matter so intimately you could teach it. When you do so, a deeper layer of understanding creates near-magical connections throughout your life.

The Habit Factor is a great example. By studying habit deeply and intimately, we came to the knowledge that if you focus on core and recurring behaviors, they will lead you to your goals more quickly.

Another example: Studying pressure deeply from multiple angles for years yielded The Pressure Paradox.

YOU can do this — with any subject matter. It's a challenge, but the more you can study a single subject that truly piques your interest, you will begin to see new and interesting relationships between that subject and the world around you. Your knowledge of that subject will grow and become multidimensional, bringing value to your life and your own pursuit of goals than you can ever imagine.

Listen in for a multi-layered discussion about going deep on a subject that excites you, creating connections you never knew were possible, and ultimately helping your goals in ways you never could have imagined.

Enjoy the episode!


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