HPR2752: XSV for fast CSV manipulations - Part 2


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XSV for fast CSV manipulations - Part 1: Basic Usage



xsv is a command line program for indexing, slicing, analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files. Commands should be simple, fast and composable:

  1. Simple tasks should be easy.
  2. Performance trade offs should be exposed in the CLI interface.
  3. Composition should not come at the expense of performance.

We will be using the CSV file provided in the documentation.

Commands covered in this episode

  • fixedlengths - Force a CSV file to have same-length records by either padding or truncating them.
  • fmt - Reformat CSV data with different delimiters, record terminators or quoting rules. (Supports ASCII delimited data.)
  • input - Read CSV data with exotic quoting/escaping rules.
  • partition - Partition CSV data based on a column value.
  • split - Split one CSV file into many CSV files of N chunks.
  • sample - Randomly draw rows from CSV data using reservoir sampling (i.e., use memory proportional to the size of the sample).
  • cat - Concatenate CSV files by row or by column.

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