HPR2756: Bash Tips - 20


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Tidying loose ends (Some collateral Bash tips)

Deleting arrays

I forgot to cover one thing on my list when doing the last show: I forgot to explain how to delete arrays and array elements. I’ll cover that topic in this episode.

Positional and Special parameters

I have also avoided talking much about the positional and special parameters in Bash: '$1', '$2', '$#' and the rest. I will cover (some of) these in this episode.

Silly titles

I stopped doing the weird episode titles by episode 14 because I thought the joke was getting tired. However, I think a few people missed them (and a certain HPR colleague was found vandalising my new titles as they were being posted ;-), so I have added them inside the notes on the older shows and am adding one here – as a homage to silliness.

Long notes

I have provided detailed notes as usual for this episode, and these can be viewed here.


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