Jolt’n Joe Biden and Impeachment Day Zero


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The hacks are here to talk all the latest—

Politics of impeachment: as the impeachment saga continues to unfold, Democrats and Republicans alike continue to politicize the process. How much — if at all — will this weaken Trump in 2020, and will any senators defect from the party line?

Someone had his Cup o’ Joe! Biden talks tough toward an Iowa voter — did he cross the line, or is this the energy voters want to see from him?

Bloomberg’s bid: he’s flush with cash and flooding the airwaves—but will he make a splash?

Lastly, we dive into the mailbag and answer listeners’ questions on what the onslaught of House GOP retirements mean, how to reconcile Buttigieg’s Christian faith with his lack of support among faith-based strongholds, and parse through what the “white working class” actually means.

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