Sin City Slugfest: Democrats Duke it Out


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The Hacks are back to break down the latest Democratic debate from Las Vegas, Nevada–

Mike Bloomberg makes his debate stage debut but bombs under a barrage of blows. He may have fallen short on the debate stage at the hands of Elizabeth Warren and others, but will his incoming ad blitzes erase his paltry performance? Plus, Pete Buttigieg takes some of the wind out of Klobuchar’s sails, but will this muddle in the middle ultimately benefit Bernie?

Where are we now? As we lurch toward Super Tuesday, the possibility of a brokered convention seems more real than ever before. What does this mean for the party – and for Democratic prospects against Donald Trump?

And no Holds Barr-ed: the Hacks dive into the chaos from the Justice Department and touch on Trump’s pardon-palooza.

All this, and more.

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