Gessica Bicego, Head of Performance Marketing, Blinkist | EP 184


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Gessica Bicego is the Head of Performance Marketing, at Blinkist, the platform for bite-sized insights in audio or text.

Gessica is originally from Italy and has a background in computer science, as well as a passion for marketing. She then wanted to accelerate her career and moved to Berlin to join Kayak as a Programmatic Marketing Manager.

Over the last few years, Gessica has been building a Performance Marketing team at Blinkist, an app that enables busy people to listen or read bite-sized insights from books and more.

Blinkist was recently featured as one of the Top Apps of 2017 by Apple - and with over 4 million users and 15M in funding - Blinkist is looking to double its growth in 2018.

Gessica joins us to share her story, how she got into startups, how she’s built a career as a Performance Marketer, what it’s been like working at both Kayak and now Blinkist, what it’s like building a team, and much more.

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