Giuseppe Stuto, Co-founder & CEO, Fam | EP 164


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Giuseppe Stuto is the co-founder and CEO of Fam, a group video chat app for iMessage that quickly grew to over 1 million users in just 10 days!

But Fam almost didn’t happen.

Fam is a pivot off another social app that Giuseppe and his team built - SmackHigh - which started off as a bit of a joke for high school students to exchange smack talk between sports teams. But it quickly showed some promise and Giuseppe and his team began to iterate.

Houseparty and Facebook live had just launched, but the team at Fam wanted to put the product where teens would use it the most - iMessage.

Giuseppe joins us to share his story, what it was like building a career in consumer tech, what it was like launching his first company, how they created Fam, what it’s been like growing this iMessage app, what it was like raising money, and much more.

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