Jeff Abraham Discusses Dying on Stage in New Book "The Show Won't Go On"


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Conversation #179, recorded on September 10, 2019. Comedy Archivist Jeff Abraham returns to dissect his new book about dying on stage... literally! THE SHOW WON'T GO ON: THE MOST SHOCKING, BIZARRE, AND HISTORIC DEATHS OF PERFORMERS ONSTAGE covers the best tales of comedians, actors, musicians, magicians, acrobats and more failing to make it off-stage in one piece. Some are tragic, some are endearing, all are unique and compelling - its hard a book to put down. Here Jeff previews some of the best passages in the book, including Albert Brooks' father Harry "Parkyakarkus" Einstein croaking after a killer Friar's Club Roast, Health nut J. I. Rodale infamously never-seen DICK CAVETT appearance, THE PRODUCERS star Dick Shawn's final bow and much more! Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee. Thanks to Robert Price for our original theme music and Brendon Duran for the Hail Satire! logo design.

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