Welcome to HairB&B ~ A podcast about hair, beauty and business.


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Welcome to HairB&B

A podcast about hair, beauty and business.

Running a hair and beauty business is no easy feat, especially since you're responsible for every task! I’m talking about managing client schedules, branding, marketing, social media, photographer, color inventory, and I haven't even mentioned building and maintaining a clientele, let alone making sure your bills are paid on time AND you're making a profit! Managing your own beauty business can be stressful! So let me help streamline this entrepreneur roller coaster you're on, and start feeling like the CEO that you are!

Hi, I'm Mirella Manelli. I'm a salon owner, podcaster, influencer, entrepreneur, and professional hair educator with over 20 years of experience. So you can say I know a thing or two about hair & business. I help hairstylists just like you simplify hair color, become confident in styling, and help guide you on achieving your business goals.

Week after week I share all my hair and beauty business hacks like how to become a successful hairstylist, social media tips, marketing strategies, how to become an educator and guide you through the path to becoming a social media influencer to help elevate your business and generate additional revenue streams, Be ready to simplify everything and achieve your hair, beauty, and business goals.

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Tune in for new episodes on HairB&B and be ready to simplify your hair, beauty, and business goals!
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