The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití


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The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití (sample text)

Ayiti gen anpil koulè. Nou ka jwenn koulè toupatou. Koulè se yon fòm ekspresyon Aysyen renmen anpil. Se tankou lekti, ekriti, dans, fè tablo, fè desen, pale elatriye. Gade pyebwa nou yo. Gade syèl ble nou an. Gade lanmè a ki ban nou anpil pwason ak tout koulè. Gade koulè kamyon, kamyonèt ak taptap nou yo. Nan tan lontan, mòn nou yo te kouvri nèt ak bèl pyebwa, plèn ak platon nou yo te gen bèl zèb pou anpeche ewozyon. Tout Ayisyen renmen bèl koulè. Kit yo pòv oswa yo se grannèg, kit yo se kiltavatè oswa yo se gwo zotobre lavil, yo renmen bèl koulè. Yo renmen pentire kay yo ak bèl penti. Gade koulè rad nan tout mache yo an Ayiti, koulè pèpè nou jwenn toupatou, depi nan mache kwadèbosal rive nan mache an fè elatriye. (Kontinye lekti - continued reading)

Translated sample text:

The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití

Haiti has a lot of colors. We can find colors everywhere. They are a form of expression that Haitians like a lot. They are like reading, writing, dancing, speaking, drawing etc. Take a look at our trees. Take a look at our blue sky. Look at the ocean that gives us all kind of multicolored fish. Look at the color of our dump trucks, pickup trucks and Taptaps. Years ago, our hills and mountains were completely covered with beautiful trees; our plains and flatlands had beautiful green grass that prevented erosion. (Kontinye lekti - Continued reading)


"The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití" is a reading ebook about the beautiful colors of all things Haitian. It's about the beautiful color of most Haitians as in 'grimo, grimèl and marabou,' the color of the sky and the ocean, the bright colors of Tap Tap, taxis, and buses. It's about the color of Haitian Carnival, rara, popular bands, and Jalouzi neighborhood. Most importantly, it's about the bright colors that Haitians enjoy wearing, the colors of 'pèpè' or used clothes for sale in all Haitian markets. It's also about the colors of the treeless mountains that are being grilled by the Caribbean sun. Trees are like hats that cover the head of the mountain. They are like teeth in the mouth of the country.

"The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití" is an ebook that encourages Haitians to plant fruit trees and all the great trees that made the country the pearl of the Antilles.

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