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"English - Haitian Creole Dictionary / Useful Expressions, Question Words, Vocabulary, Grammar etc 12345 A to Z English to Creole Dictionary" allows you to look up Haitian Creole words from Creole to English. Carlton Kramka, Canado St. Louis and Kevin Levin used their linguistic knowledge to prepare this tool for anybody who is interested in learning the Haitian language. This basic dictionary will help missionaries on a short-term visit to the country. It will help Haitian American children who were born overseas. This lexicon can help any tourists, students, NGO workers, and business people who are traveling to the country. You can also get a PDF copy at haitiancreolemp3.libsyn.com

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Epis Ayisyen - Haitian Spices

Epis Kreyòl – Creole Spices

1. Pèsi – Parsley

2. Ten - Thyme

3. Jiraf – Cloves

4. Gwo powo – Leeks

5. Powo – Scallions

6. Seleri – Celery

7. Zonyon – Onion

8. Echalòt – Chalote

9. Zoranj si – Sour Orange

10. Sitwon – Lime

11. Piman bouk – Habanero Pepper

12. Magi – Chicken Bouillon

13. Piman Dous – Bell Pepper

14. Sèl – Salt

15. Pwav – Pepper

16. Sitwonèl – Citronella

17. Lay – Garlic

18. Mant – Spearmint

19. Anis – Star Anise

20. Tibonm – Mint

21. Kanèl – Cinnamon

22. Miska – Nutmeg

23. Jenjanm – Ginger

24. Safran – Saffron

25. Siwo Myèl – Honey

26. Siwo kann – Molasses

27. Avwàn - oatmeal

28. Militon – chayote / squash

29. Sik - Sugar

-----------------&&&&&&& ------------------------

Kouman yo prepare pwason – How do they prepare fish

Pou fè manje ak pwason, ou bezwen sizonnen pwason an avèk lay (garlic), pèsi (parsley), zonyon vèt (green onions), sèl (salt), yon ti kiyè lwil oliv (a T spoon of olive oil), mwatye yon tikyè ji sitwon (half a tsp of lime juice), piman pike (hot pepper). Kòmanse manje bannann ak pwason!

Gade byen: Pwason pa pwazon (Fish is not poison).

Ki jan yo prepare bannann an Ayiti? Fri bannann pou ou ka manje-l avèk pwason (Fry plantain so you can eat it with fish). Ayisyen rele sa bannann ak pwason! (Haitians call that plantain with fish).

Achte yon sak grenn bannann vèt nan mache a (Buy a bag of green plantain at the market)

Retire po bannann yo – Peel the plantains

Koupe bannann yo pa tibout won – Cut the plantains by little round sections. (Note that the smaller the pieces of plantains, the crispier the plantain will get!)

Chofe lwil ou. Kou lwil la byen cho, mete ti bout bannann yo nan chodyè a (Heat up your oil. As soon as the oil is very hot, drop the pieces of plantain into the cooking pan)

Itilize yon pèz bannann pou peze tibout banann yo (Use a pèz bannann (squeezer) to flatten the platains).

Bouyi grenn bannann yo tankou yo bouyi patat (boil the plantain the way they boil potatoes)

Kisa akasan ye?

Akasan se yon bwason Ayisyen. Li fèt avèk mayi moulen (corn flour), lèt (milk), anis (star anise), kanèl (cinnamon), epi sik (sugar). Ou bouyi-l jiskaske li pare pou bwè.

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