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Addendum #2: Dyalòg ak Vokabulè

Dyalòg ak Vokabulè

Toma ak Titonton rankontre – Toma and Titonton met

Toma: Bonjou, Titonton. Ki jan ou ye jodi-a? (Hello, Titonton. How are you today ?)

Titonton: M’ byen. E ou menm? Ban-m nouvèl papa ou ? (I’m fine. And you ? How is your father?)

Toma : M byen wi. Papa-m pa gaya (I am fine. My father is not well. He is ill)

Titonton: Ki jan Marimat ye? Eske l’ap demele-l? (How is Marimat? Is she getting along?)

Toma: Marimat byen wi. L’ap kenbe (Marimat is fine. She is getting along)

Titonton: Sa fè lontan nou pa wè. S’ak pase ? (We have not seen each other for a long time. What’s up?

Toma: Monchè, m’ap boule (my dear, I am managing)

Titonton: Bon, monchè, ban-m nouvèl mennaj ou a ? (Okay, dear, how about your girlfriend ? )

Toma : Nou te kraze sa (We had a breakup or we broke up)

Titonton: Depi kilè ou pa ansanm avèk li ? (How long have you not been with her ?)

Toma: Ou enterese nan li? (Are you interested in her?)

Titonton: M pa menm konn non-l, non. Ki jan’ l rele ankò? (I do not even know her name. What’s her name?)

Toma: Li rele Jaklin. (Her name is Jaklin)

Titonton: An Kreyòl, se Jaklin. An fransè, se Jacqueline. (In Creole, it’s Jaklin. In French, it’s Jacqueline)

Toma : Monchè, kite-m kraze rak / Kite-m ale ! (my dear friend, let me take leave of you. Let me go!”

Titonton: Oke Toma. N’a wè mwa pwochen si Bon Dye vle. (See you next month, God willing !)

Toma: Oke. N’a wè nan inivèsite-a (Right. See you at the university).

Additional Haitian Creole Expressions and Explanations:

M’ap kenbe – I’m getting along

M’ap boule – I am managing

Mwen la / m la – I’m okay

M pa pi mal - I am no worse

M byen – I am fine

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