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Ayisyen manje pistach. Yo pito manje manba tou. Yo mete manba sou kasav oswa biswit oubyen pen. Yo renmen chokola ak mòso pen. Yo ka pran kafe ak biswit tou. Pandan lajounen an, yo ka pran akasan ki fèt ak fari-n mayi.

Ayisyen bwè ju anana, ju mango, ju kowosol, ju gwayav, ju papay, ju veritab, ju seriz, ju grenadin (passion fruit), ju abriko, ju grenad, ju kachiman, ju kayimit. Yo ka manje-l konsa aprè yo fin kale-l (wete po-a).

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Vocabulary: Additional Tropical Food Names, Seafood, Ethnic Meals, and Plates

Diri Kole – Rice cooked with beans or other vegetables

Diri blan – White rice

Diri Kole ak djondjon – Rice prepared with black Haitian mushroom

Diri Kole ak pwa wouj – Rice cooked with red beans, maybe pinto beans etc.

Pwa ansòs – Beans with sauce

Bouyon – Stew that comprises lots of vegetables, meat, roots etc.

Bouyon bèf – beef stew

Bouyon kabrit – goat stew

Name Root (yam) – Yanm (kreyol) – Igname (French)

Malanga – Malanga – Malanga (French)

Malanga – Taro Root – Mazoumbelle (French)

Mango – mango (there are many varieties of mangos) – Mangue (French)

Gwayav – Guava – Goyave (French)

Lobster – Oma – Langouste (French)

Labapen – Chestnut – Chataigne (French)

Lam Veritab (Veritab) – Breadfruit – L’arbre a Pain (French)

Cherry – Seriz – Cerise (French)

Piman, piman bouk – Chile (Spanish) – Pepper (English) – Piment (French)

Kokoye Ole – Young Coconut – La noix de Coco (French)

Kokoye – Coconut – Noix de Coco

Mori (Lanmori) – Salt Cod – Moru Salée (French) – Bacalao (Spanish)

Lanbi – Conch – Conque (French)

Kachiman – Custard apple (Sugar apple)

Jiwòf – Clove – Girofle (French)

Kenèp – Honey Berry (Ginep) – Quenèpe (French) – Mamoncillo (Spanish)

Zaboka – Avocado – Avocat (French) – Aguacate (Spanish)

Rache – Chop – Hacher

Konsonmen (Konsome) – Vegetable Consommé

Griyo – Grilled pork often sold by street cooked food merchants or peddlers; The meat can be of other kinds too. It could be goat, beef or guinea fowl.

Pentad – large Haitian chicken-like bird, guinea fowl.

Bannann – Plantains – Bananes (French)

Bannann peze – Twice pressed fried plantains

Fig – banana

Kreson – Watercress – Cresson (French)

Epis – Spices – Epices

Fig Mi Flanbe – Flamed bananas – Bananes flambées

Tomat – Tomatoes – Tomate (French)

Diri kole ak pwa epi kawòt – Rice with green peas and carrots

Lanbi ak sòs – Conch in Creole sauce

Poul ak sòs – Chicken with sauce

Salad Zaboka – Avocado Salad

Avwa-n – Wheat

Ble – Wheat (meal)

Ji seriz – Cherry juice – Jus de cerise

Diri olè – Rice Pudding – Du Riz au lait

Pen Mayi (Doukounou) – Cornmeal pudding – Pudding de Mais Moulu (French)

Moulen – Mill – Moulin (French)

Grate – to grate – Grater

Chou – Cabbage – Chou (French)

Jele gwayav – Guava Jelly – Gelée de Goyave

Konfiti Anana – Pineapple Preserves – Confiture d’Ananas (French)

Kribich Fri ak sòs – Fried Shrimp with sauce – Crevettes frites et sauce

Dous Kokoye – Coconut milk candy – Fondants au lait de Coco

Donbwèy – rolled flour or manioc flour cooked in bouyon

Soup joumou – Pumpkin soup – Soupe de Citrouille

Kasav – Cassava (Tortilla-like edible made with tuber named manioc)- Cassave

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