12/17/22 – Shiur 399 – Chasunah Halachos & Minhagim in all Kehilos | Eight Chanukah Riddles - Win a Chanukah gift !!!!!!


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Marching down flower girls to the Chuppah – Is that a Jewish thing or is it חוקות הגוים
Standing up for the Chosson and Kallah when they walk down, is that a Jewish custom?
Are you supposed to stand up during the recital of the Sheva Brochos?
Walking down to the Chuppah – Should the parents walk down their child - or both fathers should walk down the Chosson, and both mothers the Kallah? What if they are divorced or one of the parents was Niftar?
Are the Chosson and Kallah permitted to hold hands after the Chuppah?
Should the Kallah come into the men’s side during the dancing?
Does the Kallah have to wear a Sheitel by the Chasunah?
The minhag by various Chasidim for the woman to shave her head
Mitzvah Tantz – What’s the Mitzvah? Or is it actually an Aveira?
If there’s any conflict in Minhagim, whose Minhag is done the Chosson’s or the Kallah’s?

with Rabbi Aharon Sorscher – Rov of Waterbury, Maggid Shiur Of Oraysa – 14:14
with Rabbi Yona Reiss – Av Beis Din Of The CRC, S'gan Av Beis Din of America – 36:00
with Rabbi Moshe Shmiel Rottenberg – Mora D’asra Bais Moshe Shmiel (Flatbush), Dayan, Shaarei Mishpat – 48:58
with Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim – Renowned Lecturer – 1:12:47
Eight Chanukah Riddles 1:18:15 מראי מקומות

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