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WARNING: DON'T LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE WB FILM JOKER OR DON'T CARE ABOUT KNOWING PLOT DETAILS. Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Henderson State University Dr. Travis Langley joins the show to review the psychological thriller Joker. Langley is an author and editor of many pop culture books including "Batman and Psychology – A Dark and Stormy Night" and "The Joker Psychology." They discuss the merits and flaws in a movie that has many divided opinions. The 1st 10 minutes of the episode is dedicated to the shooting victims of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado massacre at a movie theater during a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises." One of the victims was Jessica Redfield Gawhi. Her mother joined the show to discuss the decision not to show the Joker movie in that theater, and the group she runs called Survivors Empowered. Find more info at https://www.survivorsempowered.org/

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