HRWB090- 2019 Holiday Shopping Show


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Mark “Smitty” Smith KR6ZY and John Jacobs W7DBO join us to talk about workbench and ham radio gift ideas for this holiday season.


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JLC PCB Service -

Seeed Nano V3 Pocket 200khz Oscilloscope -

iFixit tool kit

100pcs Solder Seal Wire Connectors, Sopoby Heat Shrink Butt Connectors -

Silicone Soldering Mat Heat Resistant -

KAI-200 - Antenna Analyzer - WSPR Transmitter ($?)

Panavise Jr -

iFixIt Driver Kit -

W6BHZ, Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club selling a bunch of classic boat anchors from a local SK:

AnyTone D578 -

TAC-Comm Metal Enclosures -

CS-800 DMR -

TYT MD-430 -

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