TOW a Rooster, a Space Cowboy, and a Transponster


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S04 E12 - TOW the Embryos

Signature Beverage: Beers and Pet Peeves

Screen shots, recipes, and more at:

00:04:37 — DuClaw Brewing Co came out with a FRIENDS-themed beer! Heather indulgences in coffee- and nut-flavored beers

00:11:00 — What are our pet peeves? They seem to have a common theme…

00:15:52 — Did you know that Heather gets up insanely early every day?

00:25:30 — Elizabeth’s disastrous underwear experience

00:27:11 — Proper Tic-Tac dispensing and Snackwell’s cookies

00:32:24 — Newsflash: EVERYONE has hormones, not just women!

00:40:23 — How much does IVF cost nowadays?

00:43:21 — IVF vs. adoption

00:49:49 — Elizabeth loves “Riverdance”!!

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