TOW Cringey Gender Stereotyping and Almost-Statutory Rape


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It's TOW the Hypnosis Tape, and we're drinking CinnaMind Erasers!

We dive into some deep topics, inspired by the not-so-benign content of this episode:

  • Chandler's effeminate behaviors after listening to the hypnosis tape: Do they reinforce gender stereotypes? Or is it innocent fun? And why does his subconscious think that is what being a "strong, confident woman" looks like?
  • Frank Jr. marrying his high school teacher: Is it a case of "love is love," or predatory behavior, a la the Mary Kay Letourneau case, which was at its height when this episode originally aired?
  • Pete using money to impress Monica: Is it charming or creepy? Would she have gone out with him if he wasn't a millionaire?
  • Phoebe stepping in to try to stop the relationship: Is it sisterly protection, or is she out of line? When is it okay to give your friends/family your opinion?

We draw from our own experiences, talk Jennifer Aniston's new AppleTV+ show, "The Morning Show," and more!

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