TOW Rebecca Romijn, a Velveteen Rabbit, and a Potato-Chip Rat


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S04 E06 - TOW the Dirty Girl

aka TOW Rebecca Romijn, a Velveteen Rabbit, and a Potato-Chip Rat

Signature Beverage: Mitzy Spritzy —

00:01:57 — The Ina Garten-inspired reading of our signature cocktail for the week

00:05:04 — We discuss Rebecca Romijn’s early career

00:08:12 — Heather does a deep-dive into the Cenozoic era

00:10:00 — A mind-blowing Montessori lesson

0020:52 — A crossword puzzle and sudoku geek-out

00:30:00 — Widows aren’t usually the ones handling affairs at the funeral reception…

00:34:08 — The tale of how Elizabeth was a blossoming theater geek, until a chorus teacher destroyed her dreams

00:38:31 — Is Angela DelVecchio the same Angela from Season 1?

00:57:52 — Is there an established, standard formula for Brownie Points?

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