08.04.20 (MP3): Ammo Prices, Buying VS Practicing, Safety Blanket Shopping VS the Panic Plateau, w/ Small-Arms Rounds Like .22LR, Ammo Storage, Historic Bullets & Bombs, + Fatso Jetson for the Win


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The Gearhead Consultancy has determined that 2020-hindsight is coming to get you, too, so you may as well stock up (you prepper you). More pistols, more gun food, more practice, more burying (nothing) in the backyard, and more safety-blanket buying because it makes (panicked neophytes) feel better. What could possibly go wrong?

At Freedom:30 for another day of gunly goodness, the Garage Hour goons were joined by Green Tip, the Derailment Monster and Thom Billpson (because Vietnam vets can kill you with their cane).

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