08.16.20: Distracted Driving/Don't Be That Guy - Facts & Figures from Crap Driver Failfest, w/ Devices VS DUIs, Selfish Justification & OE Enabling, Car & Driver Theories, Bad Factory Designs, + Dad's Secret Barbecue Sauce Recipe


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Don't be a Carl - or any other guy (or gal) like the ones we've all run across. You know the type - paying more attention to the phone than the road, devicing all over the place, less there than Joe Biden, and making themselves a hazard to everyone they're in traffic with... Distracted driving kills, and we're here to yell at you about it. Well, we'll yell at the Carls.

There's a lot of basic math going on here - distractions cost lives, whether they're installed at the factory (then hack the crap out of your phone) or put there by ignorant drivers who'd rather pay attention to their ex-girlfriend's twits than the cars in traffic around them. Oh, and there's also barbecue sauce.

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