#168 Quitting Corporate America to Follow a Life Dream feat. Novell Loh


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"Time is the most important thing in life. It’s not money, its not prestige. It’s not all these other things. Without time, there really is nothing." - Novell Loh

In this episode, you'll meet professional ballroom dancer, Novell Loh. Several years ago, Novell lost her mom. In the coming months, she had her own medical scare.

She found herself asking the question, "If I die today, what would I regret?"

The question led her on a path out of corporate America and a high-paying job to be a professional dancer in New York City.

Novell has since created a business to help people build wealth with Money Boss Co.

In this episode Danielle and Novell talk about:

- what deep questions Novell started to ask herself about life - what she realized life was about when she was close to losing her own life - what it was like following her passion - the challenges that have come up in following her dream to dance - advice on following your heart



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