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Recorded live in Miami, Jamin Brazil interviews Mendy Orimland, SVP of Prodege. We hope you enjoy this mini series taking you into the minds of some of the most influential CEOs in Market Research. Find Mendy Online: LinkedIn [00:02] Hi, my name is Jamin Brazil, and you’re listening to the Happy Market Research Podcast. We are live today on site at the CEO Summit in beautiful Miami. My guest today is Mendy Orimland with Prodege. Tell us a little bit about Prodege, who, by the way, I’ve worked with for many years? [00:22] Ok, oh, wow. Well, thank you for bringing me here. I know we were just hanging out near the pool area, and you grabbed me, “Hey, come talk for a bit.” And happy to do so. I’m actually a native; I’m from Miami; it’s my hometown. Raised… [00:39] That’s awesome. [00:40] Yeah, yeah. Always great to be back, and it’s my first time at the Insights CEO Summit. So excited to be here. Prodege – So, we operate several different business units, but, since we’re at a market research event and I’m responsible for the market research business at Prodege. We are an online sample provider, data-collection provider, and again so excited. Thank you for having me. [01:05] So, CEO Summit 2019. This is Day 1, right? What are some of your big take-aways? [01:13] Yes, so what I really enjoyed and I think that some of the other events don’t necessarily capture the following component. I loved hearing people’s stories about their businesses and how it got started and the pain they went through and challenges and what they had to overcome. Oftentimes, we look at businesses that are already established and giants. People don’t realize that it was zero to one at some point. At some point, they had to go from zero to one. And sharing that is very inspiring. Diane was fantastic; Michael did a great job. So, for me, that was fantastic. [01:48] That was Michael McCrary from PureSpectrum and Diane from C-Space? [01:53] Correct. [01:53] Right? C-Space now owned by Omnicom, I believe. [01:56] Yes. [01:57] So, Prodege is a big company, a really big company. You guys have had a tremendous amount of success. How long have you been there? [02:04] I’ve been here almost nine years. [02:06] Have you guys had any struggles? Maybe there’s an opportunity for you to tell us a little bit about how you coped during a difficult time in the business. [02:14] Yeah, I think the struggles that I personally had within the business and the business had was actually the opportunity. So, when we actually first decided that we’re going to make a play within the market research industry and become a sample provider, a lot of naysayers, “No, no, you can’t.” I actually saw that as an opportunity. Let me elaborate on that for a minute. So, I happened to stumble upon the industry. I wasn’t necessarily… I haven’t been doing this for 20 years; it’s just a few years. And the thing that really inspired me personally was when I attended some of the industry events. And speakers got up to present something that sounded somewhat innovative; the reaction from the audience was negative, was received as negative. That was my perception, whether true or not. It just didn’t seem like the industry was embracing new tactics and innovation. That’s when for me the lightbulb moment. And, again, it’s an opportunity but a struggle because you have to overcome that barrier if a lot people are not necessarily embracing opportunities. [03:34] I love that. So, how did you overcome it? [03:37] I think it’s pretty simple. I know that people look for big answers when it comes to that. If you have a strong product, you can overcome anything. [03:46] Love it. [03:46] It’s as simple as that. [03:47] Do you remember one of the early customers? Who it was? [03:50] Yes, I’m not sure if they would want to share their name on it. But, once we had our first customer, it really went very quickly.

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