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Recorded live in Miami, Jamin Brazil interviews Tim Hoskins, President of Quester. We hope you enjoy this mini series taking you into the minds of some of the most influential CEOs in Market Research. Find Tim Online: LinkedIn [00:02] This is Jamin. I’m with Tim Hoskins, Quester. He was one of the presenters here at CEO Summit in Miami, 2019. I’m honored to have him as a guest. Very inspiring story. How many years have you been going to the CEO Summit? [00:16] So, this is my fifth year. [00:17] Fifth year? Ok, so what keeps bringing you back? [00:22] You know every year I walk away learning something different, whether it’s a big idea, formulating my own strategies and big bets, using every single person here that is well-respected in the industry as almost a sounding board to toss ideas off, see their reactions, their facial expressions, get advice. It’s also a great time of the year to just re-energize you, what you’re embarking upon for the rest of the year. [00:53] So, strategic view? Is that part of it? And then it sounds like maybe some real tactical, some practical things you’re able to take back home? [01:00] Absolutely. [01:01] Got it. So far, we’ve had a great set of guest speakers. Is there one highlight for you? I know we’re halfway through the conference only. [01:10] I think that the session that we just listened to with Camille and the way that they transformed their company, not out of something they had to do but something that they saw into the future and what they wanted to do. [01:24] And how many…? That took years, right? [01:27] 2013 is when they started it. [01:29] And so, five years and that’s Gongos Research? Or just Gongos? Yeah, Gongos Research. I’ve actually been a big fan of that company. I remember when they very first… I literally remember when they started. I want to pull out something from your talk that I thought was really interesting. And that is the development of self-awareness as a CEO ‘cause we go through really difficult… we go through great seasons, and we’re really smart during the great seasons. [01:55] Oh, yes. [01:56] And then, as they say, even a turkey can fly in a tornado, and then, all of a sudden, when the difficult times hit. How did you stay motivated during the difficulties of being a CEO? [02:08] I think a big part of it was we looked at the data that I shared and just the rapid growth that we had from 14 to 15, 15 to 16, 16 to 17, and even 17 to 18. At some level, you become very, very confident of who you are as a leader when you have those metrics and that growth. When we ended up having our setback in 2018 in January, hearing that news, it was a time of self-reflection. It really was a time where I had to look myself in the mirror after hearing feedback from our employees, from some of our clients, and ask myself, Was I the leader that I thought I was. Am I the leader that can take the company through kind of the turbulence that we’re going to embark upon? And, if not, what type of a leader do I need to become? What are my values?” Even reassessing some of those values. And taking a good hard look into the resources that are available. I think that every good leader pulls in from many different inspirations to formulate that solid foundation to build upon. I would say that in 2018, I became the leader that the company needed, right? And it’s also I can look back on it and say, for the first time ever, I actually became the leader that I wanted to be as well selfishly. [03:48] So, we have quite a few CEOs that tune into this show. What is one hack or skill, thing that you would recommend they apply to their business to create positive business outcomes? [04:03] So, I’m a big believer in founder’s mentality and Tim Urmston introduced it to me and I saw the profound effect it had on his company and just talking with him and seeing from the outside looking in. For us personally,

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