Happy Playces #46 with Brooke @autumnbrookehanson


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Welcome to Episode 46! On this episode I had so much fun chatting with Brooke; about motherhood, marriage, and happiness! Brooke is a wife, mom to three darling boys. She says, “she’s just a gal that loves the calm of all things simple. Lover of life, friends, laughter, grace, books, and fun earrings!"

Brooke is a writer at http://texturedsoul.com/, where she shares her God given gift of authentic writing. She encourages us to use whatever creative outlet that sets your soul free and the risk of unused creativity! What I love most about Brooke’s writing is that I laugh, cry, and connect to the deepness of scripture in our daily lives as moms and wives. Definitely check out her blog at http://texturedsoul.com/

We chat about parenting teenagers and preparing her heart for her oldest to go to college. I loved talking about the differences of our children and I know you can all relate to this part of our conversation, as we are all trying to be present and keep that connection with our kids. Brooke has a huge heart for her family and I loved it when she says, “I am happiest watching her kids do something they love!”

I hope you treat yourself during this holiday season and listening to podcasts is one way I love to treat myself. I’m wishing you all a very special month of December and a Very Merry Christmas!

Check out their website at http://texturedsoul.com/ and follow her on Instagram@autumnbrookehanson

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