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Welcome to episode #43! This is a special episode for me!! I have the privilege of chatting with Jamie Ivey. Jamie is a pastor’s wife, mom to four kids, host to the podcast The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (which inspired me to start my podcast!), speaker, writer, and much more! If I had to sum up Jamie into one word it would be “ENCOURAGER!!” She has an amazing gift for encouraging women to chase their dreams and dig dipper into God's word and what HE is calling us to do!

I had so much fun talking with Jamie about her life of Ministry; from speaking, writing, podcasting, and jail ministry. There is such encouragement in our conversation as she nudges us to pray about our daily lives and how we are living and serving others! In our conversation, we chat about her book!! If You Only Knew, My Unlikely Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free, which is coming out in January! I’ve absolutely loved reading her book, as part of her launch team, and I am telling you, you must get this book!!! It is such a great testimony about being forgiven and set free! Believing what God says about us to be true. The book urges us to “quit running from our mess and start trusting in Jesus to make something beautiful out of our lives!”

I hope you love this conversation as much as I did! Here’s what I know you’ll want to do!

Definitely follow her on Instagram @jamieivey. Listen to her podcast The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey AND Pre-order her book If You Only Knew; for you and for a gift. When you pre-order the book you will receive 20% off from Waterloo Style and a chance to win a two-day getaway for two to Green Acres!!

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