Happy Playces Podcast #44 with Erin @perfectlyportfamily


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Welcome to episode #44! I had so much fun talking with Erin @perfectlyportfamily If you haven’t already make sure to go back and listen to Episode #36 with Erin. On today’s special Holiday episode she and I chat about finding our Happy Playce in the Holidays!! This episode is to get to us to organize and prioritize, so we can ENJOY the Holiday! We chat about everything from Christmas Gift Lists, Budgets and by subscribing to her website you can have access to all of her free printables!

Erin tells us about prioritizing your time, saying yes and no and I think this is especially helpful during this month, with so many invitations on the table. We talk about Christmas cards, decorating, family traditions and much more.

You’ll definitely want to make a Christmas bucket list with 25 simple activities for the month. Erin says, “My favorite part of Christmas is the 24 days leading up to it!”

I hope you love this conversation as much as I did! I pray we all remember the Reason for the Season, with all the WHY’s; helping our kids enjoy every minute of this special month. Don’t be that crazy mom running around and miss this time with our family and friends!!

I’m wishing you all a very special month of December and a Very Merry Christmas!

Definitely subscribe to Erin’s website at www.perfectlyportfamily.com and follow her on Instagram @perfectlyportfamily

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Hope you enjoy this episode!

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