Awardwinning actor Oris Erhuero. (26/11/2020) Episode 3


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Welcome back!
When I think about this week's guest, the word OK, gratitude springs to mind.
Oris and I met around 10 years ago in our Buddhist centre in Brixton where our contribution to activities supports the day-to-day running of the building enabling members and guests to enjoy a space of spirituality and friendship.
Oris and I have learned a lot from each other using the daily chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and really stretched ourselves to overcome challenges and greet new opportunities. It's been great to watch him flourish into an award-winning actor, a new husband, father, and dedicated practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhist.
Oris and I will be talking the importance of dates, drag, and Sinbad! As usual, all wrapped up in bear-hug of positive news about issues and campaigns that make a difference 'News From The Roof' top and your Happy Happenings, the good stuff going on in your life and around you that's making you happy.
You're welcome xx

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