Debi Sanders, Childrens Songwriter/Storyteller (18.11.2020) Episode 2


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November 18th, 2020 is launch day for Happy Talk, and I'm launching not 1 but 2 podcasts today!!
When I think of fun and mischievous fun, Debi Saunders is at the top of my list! I can't put a date on when we met;(We Buddhists would say many Kalpas ago!) So I'll go for the early 2000s. We'd meet on Buddhist courses and bonded through mutual friends. I was drawn to her infectious laugh, and when I found out she had set up Debi Songs for Children, I just knew I had to get her on The Kids Are Alright Show, my children's radio broadcast on Riverside Radio, and support the fantastic work she's doing with the children.
Debi and I will be talking Christmas, make & mending, and the Wombles. As usual, all wrapped up in bear-hug of positive news about issues and campaigns that make a difference 'News From The Roof' top and your Happy Happenings, the good stuff going on in your life and around you that's making you happy.
You're welcome xx

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