Global Business Connector & 10 Second Maths Expert. Philip Chan. (10.12.20) Episode 5


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When you're a global business connector and super maths expert, adding up how many people you don't know is a piece of cake as there are hardly any!
I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Philip Chan many years ago by our mutual friend Sabrina Ben Salmi. His enthusiasm for linking people together is amazing and I've lost count of the connections I have made as a result. Big heart and big humour, Phil is great to be around!
Phil and I will be talking happy about numbers, gymnastics, and blowing his horn! Wrapped up in bear-hug of positive news about issues and campaigns that make a difference 'News From The Roof' top and your Happy Happenings, the good stuff going on in your life and around you that's making you happy.
You're welcome xx

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