Wayne Campbell. Film-maker, photographer, percussionis & illustrator (16.11.20) Episode 13


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Recording date 16th November 2020.
Who knows where the next new friend will pop up?!
In this case, it was on a trip to a production studio 3 years ago. I thought it will be the usual functional and prescriptive recording session, where time is money and you are literally against the clock. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was there I met my producer for the day Wayne Campbell, a kindred spirit when it came to drum & bass, spirituality, and power juicing! The fact we were just months apart in age also sealed the deal, we got chatting and I left the studio hours after 'It's a wrap' was called.
Wayne is a talented soul with passions running deep as a film-maker, photographer, percussionist, and illustrator. In today's Happy Talk Wayne and I will talk about being a proud father, Black Lives Matter, eating well, and the power of letting go. Bookended with positive news about issues and campaigns that make a difference from 'News From The Rooftop' and your Happy Happenings; you know the good stuff going on in your life that's making you happy.
Relax & enjoy xx

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