Hard Factor 12/3: Smart TV's Are Watching You Bang, Pete Davidson Demands You Sign NDA To See His New Comedy Show, & What Is Trump Up To?


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On today's show...First we give you a Trumpdate on all things involving President Trump, including impeachment, new trade tariffs, and his newest opponents in the Democratic Party

Lightning Round:

- Hunter Biden skips his first child support hearing with his new baby mama

- Duncan Hunter pleads guilty to all the things he called a "witch hunt" before, like using campaign funds to cheat on his wife

- Smart TV's are being used by hackers to watch you having sex?

- Pete Davidson will charge you 1 Million dollars if you violate his NDA for his new comedy special

- Bets with Predicitit

- A substitute teacher in UTAH is in trouble for telling a 5 year old with two dads that homosexuality is wrong.

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