Hard Factor 3/26: Ave-Naw-T-Boy , Bad Week For Weed, Kid at Work Doses Everyone with LSD


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Michael Avenatti is a world class scumbag. The guy doesn't pay child support, rips off every business partner he ever had, makes an announcement saying he's no longer defending porn stars, and now it turns out embezzled money from his client, falsified tax returns and extorted NIKE (Allegedly). This greasy bald bastard is facing up to 97 years in prison and our thoughts are just hook is ass off the face of the earth with a giant cane and launch him into outer space.

Not a great week for weed. That's not a sentence that makes a lot of sense, but New Jersey cancelled the vote to legalize recreational marijuana and expunge the records of people with prior marijuana related offenses and apparently a lot of idiots in Colorado are greening out on edibles and ending up in the ER. Let's get it together here people, stop eating too many edibles and fucking this up for the rest of us if you can't handle your shit.

Do any of you have a 19 year old in your office that looks like he's probably dosing the water cooler with LSD. Well you might and if you worked at Enterprise car rental in Arnold Missouri, you did. Turns out the teenager was actually trying to help, admitting to dosing his co-workers water and coffee but saying he was only doing it to improve the negative energy in the office. Something tells me this kid is going to be dosing a few more offices before he just figures out every office has a negative energy and quits corporate life to become his own boss, selling tie dye shirts.

Here's the best of the rest:- Cuck of the year flies his plane into building he thought wife was in but she and everyone else had evacuated so he just killed himself and on one else- The family that owns Krispy Kreme and Panera Bread had a closet full of Nazi German ancestors that did some real bad shit in Germany during WWII so they are going to donate a bunch of money to charity- A man was arrested at an Indonesian airport for drugging and smuggling an orangutan in his luggage

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