Hard Factor 9/16: Kavanaugh Accused of Pulling out his Gavel again, Saudi Oil Plant Attacked, Judge Steals Dirty Underwear


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Everyone's favorite party judge, and newest Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh has another sexual assault allegation from his binge drinking days at Yale. This new one is the same as one that came out during his confirmation hearings and basically says Kavanaugh whipped his dick out at a college party and his friend's pushed him and his dick into a women's hand.

Mo Oil Mo Problems

There was a missile attack on the world's largest oil processing plant in Saudi Arabia. It affected about 5% of the global daily oil supplies and as you can imagine we are not real happy about this. A group of rebels in Yemen claimed the attack but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted “Iran has now launched and unprecedented attach on the world energy supply.” Trump said we are "locked and loaded" in response, and this story will certainly develop quickly this week.

News Buffet:

Catholic Priest is going to jail for life for diddling kids but he's 81 and had been assaulting kids for decades so not a ton of justice there50 year old judge gets caught stealing dirty panties from neighbor's house he broke into44 dismembered bodies found in a well in MexicoYou can trade in your old cars for electric bicycles in California if you never want to get laid again

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