Hard Pass Podcast 7: Bryce Harper, Halloween Decorations, Bad Movies and Good Weezer


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No guest this episode. It’s just Stephen and Mike and Mike talking about life, you know, man? Sometimes the guys just need to leave the Internet phone off the hook and have a chat. This was a great get-to-know-you bromance-enhancing episode of the podcast. Everybody talks about Baseball’s Unwritten Rules, Weezer, movie memories and so much more.

The episode kicks off with three opinions on Baseball’s Unwritten Rules and whether or not it is OK to love and/or hate Bryce Harper. That somehow pivots to Halloween decorations. From there it’s time to talk about the worst movies any of us – and the commenters – have ever seen in theaters. At one point, a heated debate breaks out between Stephen and Mike about… Spaced Invaders? The trailer is above and you can watch the entire damn thing on YouTube. It’s rated PG, so sit the entire family down to watch over the weekend. It will be a great bonding experience for all of Hard Pass Nation.

The episode closes with Cardillo regaling everyone with his extensive knowledge of Hulk Hogan’s filmography, but first the guys talk about how Weezer shaped their lives. Turns out Stephen still buys albums. Who knew?


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