Episode 76: Did You Know Babe Ruth Is Also A Pitcher


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Jen, Sarah and Mary discuss Commissioner Manfred’s extension, as well as MLB’s new broadcast deal with FOX, the Marlins’ new look, the racism and sexism accusations leveled against the Mariners, lessened restrictions on player footwear, and how much trouble the Dodgers are in if they keep losing Baseball Ops staff.

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0:00 — Intro
0:36 — This week’s rundown
1:02 — Commissioner Manfred’s extension
9:22 — MLB’s new broadcast deal with FOX
14:19 — The Marlins’ brand refresh
27:19 — Bigotry accusations against the Mariners
34:02 — Player footwear restrictions
38:26 — Dodgers?
42:31 — This Week in Baseball History

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